Born in Galicia, Spain, I became an Architect after finishing my studies at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Estudios Integrados de ArquitecturaIE University, Spain. 


In Madrid I gained work experience through internships in various architecture studios, during my studies and as an architect. In 2012, I decided to expand my creative practice with a Master of Fine Arts degree, which is what brought me to the UK after being accepted into the University of Edinburgh.


Since then I alternated architectural practice (Chambers McMillan Architects) with installation-based artistic practice, exhibiting in the UK (Ann Lantair GalleryPatriothall Gallery, The Lighthouse), Japan (Yamaguchi Institute of Contemporary Art) and USA (Seattle Architecture Foundation). 


In June 2014 I graduated with Distinction of the MFA in Art Space & Nature at the Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape ArchitectureUniversity of Edinburgh. In December 2014 I became part of the multidisciplinar architectural practice BDP (Building Design Partnership).








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